Sala Del Gusto

«Sala Del Gusto» - it is a special project, aiming at experience sharing in the field of culinary art.

On a regular base in the professional kitchen MARR, equipped by modern facilities the famous chefs from Russia, USA and Europe share their secrets with staff and clients alike. Also MARR arranges the topical workshops, presentations and festivals too.

The distinguished chefs from Europe, Russia and USA presented the fine cuisine:

Massimo Bottura – one of the best chefs of Europe, has 3 Michelin stars, the owner and the chef of the restaurant «Osteria Francescana»

Arthur Maag - recognized expert, has Michelin star, the owner 17 items in accordance with Gault&Millau top list, the chef of several restaurants

Frederich Sigurdsson – the Chef of the Ministry of international affairs  of Iseland

Konstantin Zhbakov – meat expert

And Robert Bede, Doug Piper, Thorolfurs Sigjónsson, Sergey Dushkov, Domenico Pasculli.